Brand and client in the focus

We have developed a growth strategy for brand companies with which we use brand and client preferences consequently as motor.

We support our clients in,

  • Formulating an authentic and growth-oriented brand profile,
  • Declining this profile consistently to all customer touchpoints, 
  • Aligning the whole company consequently to the target.

TME 3-phase-methodology

  1. Starting point are market and company analyses, interviews with market participants and employees as well as internal workshops. This results in an emotional mapping of the brand in status quo and target state.
  2. Then we decline all touchpoints consistently on the target state – from design of the product portfolio via product packaging, client communication, selection of distribution channels up to the store presentation. All measures developed in the project team will be prioritised according to costs, effectiveness and timeline.
  3. In order to strengthen the new alignment of the brand it will be embedded in the operating model of the company: from design to employment criteria via employee’s trainings, structures, processes, standards, steering instruments up to optimisation of work flow and co-ordination methods.

Clear advantages via brand & consumer centricity

Companies deciding in favour of a strategic orientation on client and brand boost their flexibility and authenticity and benefit from sustainably vital growth. Brand & consumer centricity initiatives provide the market with long-term orientation and sets of measures which will be implemented in a modular way in an individually determinable period.