Steer brands into the future with TME

We consult brand companies in working the strategic switches for growth and to implement them consequently. In this respect it is vital to know the increasingly demanding strategic and operative challenges:

  • More demanding consumers
    Consumers are - also due to the permanently increasing digitalisation - better informed and change their preferences quicker. Moreover their wishes are becoming more differentiated.
  • More complex brand leadership
    The general brand orientation of consumers increases while at the same time the loyalty towards the single brands is decreasing.
  • Competing clients
    Wholesale clients increasingly take over hybrid roles and sell competing store brands. Online portals increasingly put pressure on business clients regarding price as well as service standards and motivate them to establish own e-stores.
  • Omnichannel competition
    Many brand companies expand the direct contact to their consumers. They block wholesale spaces with self-marketed brand zones, establish e-stores or own retail chains and link their channel strategies as omnichannel-strategy.
  • Acceleration and stronger aggressiveness in competition
    The increasing integration of delivery and marketing channels as well as increasing investments in product innovations have a significant impact: even shorter product life cycles and a stronger price aggressiveness in the market.
  • Internationalisation
    Conquering international growth markets provides huge potentials. Likewise this is also a challenge for the current product or service ranges as well as for standards and structures. Moreover the internationalisation of wholesalers is challenging the international price structures of brand companies.
  • Strategic IT
    The availability of increasing data volumes requires custom-fit strategies to evaluate this data reasonably and effectively.

Achieve changes and stay successful with TME Associates

As consulting company specialised on consumer products we support our customers effectively in facing all challenges proactively. In this respect we can rely on our long-standing, world-wide experience on international leadership level. We know what it means to achieve changes and cultivate permanent change.