Channel politics as continuous process

Trade clients strengthen their multi-channel approach or develop it to omni-channel strategies – and hence challenge their former channel strategy. Concurrently, various channels develop different dynamics and create new interaction amongst each other. While wholesale, retail and e-commerce customers formerly considered each other as competitors today it is evident that success in one channel spurs the development in another channel.

However, the success levers in different channels are often very specific. Hence it is necessary for companies to observe their channel strategy permanently and to adjust it when applicable.

TME-support as per end-to-end approach:

  • Identification of individually best channel mix
  • Prioritisation of channels towards each other
  • Specification of respective success levers and rules of the game
  • Formulation of proper role as well as the organisation structure aligned with it, process design, determination of standards and realistic goals

Flexibility in channel politics

Channel politics today is more than just a strategic question. The own business model has to be designed in a way already today that flexible reactions are also possible mid-term.
We consult our clients to take advantage of their potentials effectively and precisely as well as to acquire additional options via stronger flexibility.