Complaints Management


  • Within the framework of the communication with tenants there are many contact points. Generally there are processes determined meant to ensure the management of these client interfaces
  • In the course of permanent improvement of process quality it is necessary to carry out a tenant satisfaction study and to enhance the often historically established processes to optimise the tenant communication and the complaint management

Project approach

  • Status quo analysis
    • Analysis of contacts, requests, complaints and other communication
    • Preparation of quantity frameworks
    • Former channelling
    • Qualification of results and assessment
    • Processes principal/service provider
  • Target concept
    • Outside-in: processes, structures, channelling, residential real estate business and other businesses
    • Concretisation optimisation potential: processes, structures, capacities, requests, complaints, quality management, change management, quick wins
    • Depiction of status quo
  • Preparation of implementation
    • Master plan implementation status quo/target: overall development path, measures, resources, time
    • Communication concept and management for implementation


  • Complete complaint and communication concept considering all requests, complaints and other communication and contact points