Consumer business with perspective

Given the specific and increased market challenges are the key success factors for companies in consumer business precision, flexibility, speed, integration, consistency and internationality.

The key issues are:

  • Clarity and consensus regarding core, positioning and direction of impact of your brand, product and organisation development
  • Realistic assessment of strengths, weaknesses and image of brand, portfolio and organisation
  • Indepth knowledge and feeling regarding client preferences and market potentials
  • Starting points and concepts for the development of brands, customer liaison, products and organisation
  • Decidedness regarding priorities, intensity and succession of measures and tools
  • Claim: comprehensive control or integration of value creation chain

TME consulting focus in the field of consumer business:

  • Strength-weaknesses-analysis, benchmarking, positioning
  • Value creation depth
  • Business models
  • Vision & mission
  • Identification, selection and design of strategy levers

The „Consistent Backboning“ concept

Precision, speed, coherence and consistency of the business concept are the strongest strategic levers for profitable growth in the end customer business. Hence we offer our clients completely interlinked solutions: comprehensive over functions and channels, along the value creation chain, consequently oriented at brand and customer preferences from strategy to design of the business model.

Instead of merely developing decision memos we initiate change actively: We accompany our clients along the whole process and put a special emphasis to institutionalise change as part of the business model. Hence our understanding of transformation is change turns into dynamics.