• Change or introduction of corporate real estate management structures (internal communication)
  • Goal: information of all parties involved and the generation of group wide acceptance
  • Besides mere information the parties involved shall be acquainted with the changes so that the strategies, guidelines, structures and processes to be established can be lived in the following

Project approach

  • Determination of content, addressees and communication goals
  • For each group of addressees the channels, formats, language, type of communication (active vs. reactive) will be defined
  • Information contents, depth and form per communication step
  • Preparation of communication roadmap
  • Preparation of communication formats and documents (e.g. letters, presentations, e-mails, speakers notes)
  • Monitoring and attendance of the communication strategy


  • All members according to their grades are informed about implemented changes
  • Clear requirements how corporate real estate management shall be handled in the future
  • Increased corporate real estate management acceptance in the group