Cost Saving Programmes


  • Corporate real estate management has the task to optimise the real estate costs of the group short and mid-term.
  • An intervention into the core business should not be carried out (no disturbance for core business)

Project approach

  • Preparation of cost baseline
    • Access to group data
    • Recording of data as per web-based survey (upon request)
  • Portfolio and performance assessment
    • Analysis of existing portfolio
    • Recording of service rendering all around the real estate
  • Determination of optimisation focusses
    • First assessment of costs and portfolio
    • Definition of focal points (space, provision costs, service costs, organisation)
    • Examination of focus areas with the help of 54 single levers
  • Determination of cost levers ready for implementation
    • Consideration of potential and implementation effort
    • Consideration of implementation risks and time per lever
    • Determination of realisable levers
  • Deduction recommendations for action
    • Definition of single measures (responsibility, points in time, risk, implementation costs)
    • Preparation of implementation planning
  • Communication of measures and measures
  • Upon request: co-ordination and project steering regarding implementation of measures


  • Achievement of monetary quick wins
  • Mid-term implementation of defined real estate potentials amounting to a minimum of 20% p.a.