Organisation procedures


  • Internationally operating enterprises with more than hundred locations
  • Permanent change of core business requirements/needs
  • Heterogeneous portfolio: usage, location size, owner structures, requirements
  • Non-transparent and heterogeneous structures regarding quality, outsourcing & service level, location specifics (legal restrictions, investments, costs providers)
  • Increasing importance and requirements regarding compliance


Project approach

  • Deduction of processes along CREM tasks and existing organisation
  • Definition of interfaces in the group and to external service providers
  • Documentation of processes and course of action according to defined roles
  • Preparation of reporting, documents and resources
  • Co-ordination of group-wide processes


  • Simple processes enabling individual decisions in the regions
  • Defined responsibilities and interfaces are transparent
  • Ensuring of global minimum standards for the avoidance of risks as well as compliance in case of real estate transactions
  • Boosting of CREM-acceptance and user satisfaction