Portfolio Audits & Analysis


  • Deduction und assessment of options for action regarding the portfolio
  • International and heterogeneous portfolio
  • Diverse data quantity and quality as per location

Project approach

  • Recording of data as per transparency approach
    • Compilation of phone directory (depiction of locations under scrutiny incl. contact persons)
    • Recording of existing data in headquarters
    • Implementation of a web-based data registration
    • Execution of site inspections (costs, real estate data, qualities and strategic requirements)
  • Preparation of portfolio description and qualitative assessment of locations
  • Implementation of benchmarks (costs and quality)
  • Deduction of course for action
  • Assessment of course for action according to urgency and potential impact
  • Co-ordination of core business and management level
  • Deduction of portfolio strategy and planning of measures


  • Defined and transparent real estate strategy
  • Defined measurement packages
  • Active real estate management via corporate real estate management