Roadmap & Resources


  • Shortage of internal resources for contract management
  • Seasonal workload due to missing co-ordination of lease contract or project durations
  • Due to seasonal workload delayed contract assessments/prestudies, superficial steering of processes or lack of assessment in the course of contract closing
  • No prioritisation of projects and reactive management of critical contract data
  • Loss of negotiation power via insufficient handling times results in suboptimal negotiation results

Project approach

  • Recording of relevant contract data like kind and size of space, cancellation periods and respites
  • Definition of standard processes like prolongation, space acquisition or project development with corresponding minimum process duration
  • Assessment of property quality and market potential for the allocation of a standard process per property
  • Benchmarking and definition of critical dates (= latest starting date for process)
  • Deduction of options to smoothen possible process overlaps (e.g. outsourcing of tasks with smaller financial impact/potential or evening out of resources via preponing or quick & dirty-prolongations of contracts)
  • Establishment of project and reporting structure („critical date alert“), project management and provider management („extended work bench“), resource planning tools on FTE-level
  • Tools: graphic overlap analysis, resource planning


  • Resource and budget optimised to-do-list at project start (roadmap) and hence operative guideline for corporate real estate management employees
  • Cost reduction via complete maintenance of strategic potential in negotiations
  • Optimised outsourcing as well as mid to long term resource planning in the field of corporate real estate management