Support in Contracting


  • Implementation of servicer strategies in the fields broker and facility management services
  • Challenge is to make servicer structures lean and to bundle them as well as to establish comparable service levels on international level as per strategic requirements
  • Implementation of steering and controlling functions (outsourcing-controlling)
  • Avoidance of double performance of tasks and ensuring of service quality

Project approach

  • Recording status quo
    • Cost baseline
    • Portfolio data
    • Current service levels
  • Determination of target services and target structure
  • Determination of contracting structure and preparation of contracting documents
    • Preparation of RFI- and RFP-documents
    • Service specifications, content topics of contract, portfolio description etc.
  • Selection of servicers to be invited as per pre-defined strategy parameters
  • Support in contracting process
    • Q&A-sessions, documentation, presentations, contracting negotiations etc.
    • Scoring based on qualitative and quantitative factors
  • Steering and implementation
  • Introduction of outsourcing-controlling


  • Contracting approvable by revision
  • Simple and well working service provider structures
  • Ensuring that all required services will be rendered
  • Cost-cutting potentials will be used
  • Increased transparency