Plan and steer expansion succesfully

Via expansion of their store portfolio retailers can boost their market presence as well as their capitalisation on core services. Concurrently expansions – particularly high expansion rates – represent significant challenges for retailers:

  • Cross-section function
    Expansion managers often dispose of the most interfaces, internally and externally. Correspondingly, the co-ordination effort is demanding.
  • Subject to board approval
    Expansions are connected with significant investments and bound capital and hence in the most countries subject to board approval. Likewise, however, lack of local knowledge and often unstructured procedures impede a reliable assessment from the company management.

TME-consulting: plan growth detailed and consequently

We support you reliably in translating project-related expansion measures into structured, measurable expansion processes as well as transparent assessment procedures:

  • Theoretical fragmentation and clear definition of all required decisions and tasks
  • Preparation of a precise structure and steering model to delegate procedure steps, to use synergy potentials, to ensure transparency and to integrate the store smoothly into the line business

Focus of our expansion projects:

  • Assessment of current retail footprints
  • Determination of expansion targets
  • Geography: countries/regions/cities/milieus
  • Locations
  • Real estate: building and space criteria
  • Format-selection
  • Structuring and optimisation of property search: fairs, broker supervision and property selection
  • Optimisation of lease contract drafting and negotiations
  • Optimisation of organisation and process structures: organisation structure, performance standards and guidelines, process design
  • Strengthening of steering model: internal reporting, co-ordination, escalation and decision procedures, IT and tools
  • Awarding and service provider management
  • Investment planning and management
  • Opening management
  • Risk management and compliance

Our approach – your benefit:
In our expansion projects we combine our know-how from the two TME-core areas Brands & Retail and Real Estate Management. You benefit from this integrated, interdisciplinary method due to a significant plus in knowledge transfer to solve your challenges efficiently.