Facility Management & Craftsman Structures


  • In the course of optimisation projects the outsourcing is often intensified. Often services like minor repairs and modernisations are outsourced to specialised service providers
  • This results for the companies in new interfaces, role images, responsibilities and resource adjustments. This needs to be elaborated constructively and to be implemented and topics like quality management need to be developed

Project approach

  • Analysis impact of outsourcing process e.g.
    • Examination service level agreements (SLAs)
    • Analysis impact of quality management as well as on task fields, responsibilities, capacities property managers
  • Determination of future caretaker services
    • Thanks to the omission of internal services: definition of resource release
    • Concurrently definition of new spheres of action like reinforced tenant attendance, controlling, quality assurance of external services
    • Finalisation of new roles and performance images
  • Determination of necessity and if applicable creation depth of training and advanced training programmes of technical property carer and facility managers
  • Increase of efficiency and optimisation of reporting of quality manager and facility manager via usage of mobile devices in exterior services
  • Long-term optimisation of internal caretaker organisation and outlook on future capacities and saving of resources
  • Preparation of resource planning tool
  • Depiction of results in a board presentation


  • Target structure, measurement packages defined
  • Roles, resources, training planning and quality management adjusted