Outsourcing & Service Provider Strategy


  • Non-transparent structures regarding quality, outsourcing & service level, location specifics (legal restrictions, investments, costs, provider)
  • Heterogeneous service provider structures

Project approach

  • Resourceful execution of portfolio analysis regarding locations, outsourcing level with bound resources, service provider structure, current costs
  • Formation of clusters: geographic (locations, regions, countries), services (activities, quality), potentials (costs, bundling, required action)
  • Deduction facility management strategy: cluster specific outsourcing lines and services, bundling of services, steering model, awarding strategy
  • Preparation of awarding: detailed cost recording for locations in focus, determination price strategy (e.g.: GMP-Model)


  • Optimisation of internal organisation & processes
  • Efficient service provider controlling
  • Transparency regarding locations, processes, costs
  • Ensuring of adequate quality levels
  • Cost saving