Integrated working environment


  • Diverse, historically developed office environments and workplace concepts
  • Local decision authorities regarding space and fit out standards
  • Office and work environments are not compatible with the challenges of a globally interlinked knowledge society
  • No adapt reactions on increasing lack of qualified knowledge workers
  • Differentiated identification with the company internally and externally
  • Lacking balance between efficiency and effectiveness

Project approach

  • Deduction of a workplace-strategy considering the components: “Human-Workplace-Property”
    • Human: employee and employer culture, work-life-relationship, brand image
    • Workplace: work environments as manufacture for knowledge, space and infrastructure shall support target
    • Property: location of property, exterior appearance/image, sustainability
  • Dissolution of the stress field between the company functions human resources, marketing and finance via CREM
    • Implementation of goals of marketing and human resources with side terms of finance
    • Compensation of investments in job environment and real estate via benefits for employees (increased satisfaction and work productivity)
  • Application of a comprehensive toolbox, like e.g.:
    • Definition of culture and brand target image
    • Definition of location and appearance of the property
    • Process analysis resp. human and space
    • Complement of real estate strategy via global guard rails for work environment
    • Analysis of effectivity and efficiency regarding the stress field human resources, marketing and finance


  • Convergence between company’s status and target culture via top-down wording of guide rails
  • Rational and objective real estate decisions
  • Creation of an ideal work environment for employees as per requirements and tasks
  • Ensuring of compliance with legal minimum requirements regarding workplace
  • Lower real estate costs
  • Low employee fluctuation
  • Increased quality of space provision
  • Improved employees’ satisfaction
  • Boosting of employer branding