TME Associates offers independent and comprehensive strategic investment and management advice in the real estate asset class

Here we emphasise the holistic consideration of real estate investment activities across all cycles from planning and implementation to operational support and assistance for your activities.

With our exclusive focus on the real estate asset class, we offer institutional investors (insurance companies, pension funds, pension funds, foundations, etc.) as well as investment managers and asset managers independent, individual and specialised advice.

Through our industry specialization and more than 25 years of real estate investment advisory experience in leading positions with international investors and investment managers, we have developed a deep understanding of business models, market environments, decision parameters in investment activities, regulatory frameworks in the real estate investment industry and a sustainable international network.

Holistic view of investment activities with a 360° comprehensive view

This enables TME to advise and support institutional investors and investment managers in their real estate investment activities from strategy to planning, organisation and operational implementation. Our strategic and investment-oriented advice is provided in the context of the corporate strategy and the market conditions, individually, trustworthily, holistically and with a 360° all-round view.

Strategic decisions are no longer local decisions only. Rather, influences in the international context and markets must also be taken into account and the additional potential for investment opportunities in foreign markets in portfolio analysis and optimisation.

TME is prepared with the experience in international markets and operational activities to assess and consider domestic and foreign markets and thus to accompany its cross-border strategies and activities.

Added value through "end to end" approach

Our end-to-end approach to strategic consulting covers the areas of investment strategy, investment services (planning and implementation of investment strategies | real estate investments) and investment solutions (support for strategic initiatives and performance management).