Master challenges in Real Estate Investment Management

Real estate investors are facing a variety of increasing requirements: internationalisation, new statutory frameworks, increasing complexity of products as well as expectations of your clients. Additionally, there are higher transaction speeds, challenges on portfolio level and changing competition structures. At the same time the own organisation structure has often historically evolved and hence corresponds with rather traditional ideas.

Also the institutional investors have to deal with the altered risk-return-profiles of their indirect capital investments and have to question their existing added value depth as well as the steering instruments.

challenges need new answers

With more than 20 years of experience TME is your reliable partner navigating you through the necessary changes: from strategy via organisation, required processes and tools, implementation as well as support in single operative tasks up to interim and programme management. This new approach we call „thinking end-to-end“.

In this respect we score for you:

  • with a verifiable track record,
  • the profound understanding of the operative business
  • experience regarding required change processes and increase in productivity