Best Practise Organisation


  • The AIFM-Directive has an increasing impact on the organisation of most investment managers
  • Moreover the increasing requirements for institutional investors regarding transparency and reporting (extent, frequency)
  • Role and self-conception of the relevant functions investment, fund and asset management with their respective various responsibilities in the investment process are often not distinct enough and contradictory

Project approach

  • Analysis of existing roles and task scopes as well as instruments accompanying processes
  • Examination of interfaces and specific principal-agent relations of the relevant parties involved in the process
  • Analysis of relevant bodies (e.g. Investment Committee) and instruments (e.g. property-fund-allocation systematics)
  • Contribution of outside-in best practice experience and determination of individual gaps
  • Preparation of target image and respective spheres of activity
  • Definition of required instruments accompanying the process


  • New structure and process map
  • Respective role definitions complying with regulatory provisions
  • Detailed target task profiles and if applicable respective process model
  • Spheres of activity/measurement plans for supporting instruments and tools (key words standards and digitalisation)