Optimisation Outsourcing


  • Value-oriented asset management is a critical module for success in achieving value creation potentials
  • Asset management has to be able to focus on its core business. The often historically developed service provider structures have a high significance in this respect.
  • Multitude of single contracts, heterogeneous service level descriptions, remuneration structures and interfaces to assignor lead to loss in efficiency and complex steering by asset manager
  • Goal is the optimal service provider consolidation in the stress field of optimal rendering of services via possibly small specialists (if applicable) and a possible degree in standardisation and reduction of number of service providers

Project approach

  • Strategic framework and status quo
    • Recording service provider structures, contract analysis and properties
    • Recording organisation and benchmark
    • Requirements asset management
    • Deduction potentials
    • Co-operation strategic orientation
  • Awarding strategy
    • Service provider structures
    • Market analysis
    • Tender procedures
  • Execution contracting
    • Execution request for interest, request for proposal
    • Design SLA, KPI
    • Preparation of contracts
    • Selection of providers
  • Closing of contracts
    • Implementation planning
    • Contract negotiations
  • Implementation
    • Quality management
    • Steering of service providers
    • Organisation/processes


  • Optimal selection and consolidation of service provider structures
  • Mainly consistent performance definitions, appropriate fee structures
  • Interface reduction and error reduction
  • Improved quality management
  • Cost reduction
  • Where possible implementation of key account solution