Sourcing Strategy


  • Increasing competition, restrictions from the regulatory environment, international orientation of investors and real estate markets/projects, the globalisation of markets means also for real estate investment companies an adjustment of business models and operations
  • In the course of the adjustments of business models and operations it is often necessary to investigate sourcing to optimise the rendering of services and related costs

Project approach

  • Status quo analysis of market environment and situation
    • Competition environment and rough identification of big competitors
    • Trends client requirements in the market
    • Critical observation of trends in the real estate market (investors, performance)
    • Recording of status quo, value creation chain and performance depth of customer
    • SWOT-Analysis (competence, yield situation, risks e.g. brochure information liability etc.)
  • Development and assessment of optional business models/make or buy
    • Depiction of value creation chain
    • Rough organisation and required resources
    • Advantageous positioning in the competitive environment
    • Selection and recommendation
  • Ascertainment of business model
    • Ascertainment of value creation chain and potentials (Business Case)
    • Definition of services for value creation steps
    • Preparation of make or buy decision/Basis MoB-Tool TME
    • Integration structure and process organisation
    • Ascertainment required resources
    • Depiction of criteria for potential partners/service providers
  • Implementation planning
    • Milestones and time planning expansion East Europe
    • Resource planning and establishment of competencies
    • Definition model organisation structure
    • Search for strategic partners/service providers


  • Sustainable sourcing concept ready for implementation
  • Calculation of sourcing potential, steering service providers, quality management
  • Structure adjustments including resources, processes, interfaces
  • Requirements for service providers