Location Concepts


  • Via dynamic growth multiple locations arise within metropolis regions
  • Settlement of various business segments in various places of a metropolis via own interest driven co-ordination of expansion
  • High costs via missing consistent standards and consequently exaggerated location and equipment decisions
  • High costs via multiple provision of identical functions

Project approach

  • Mutual portfolio analysis regarding Hot-Spots, e.g. > 4 locations
  • First assessment regarding usage of potentials and prioritisation of hot spots
  • Inquiry regarding of user requirements via templates
  • Analysis of location and building requirements as well as clustering
  • Execution of workshops in the region for deduction of scenarios
  • Preparation of business case and board presentation
  • Project management and steering of brokers
  • Tools: Scenario manager, inquiry for templates, business-Case/ DCF


  • Achievement of monetary quick wins: Space reductions, low rental fees, bundling of services
  • Increased space quality, enforcement of real estate standards and boosting of branding as well as branding of sub-group divisions in real estate management topics