• Professional real estate management has already been implemented
  • Transparency and portfolio consistency is ensured
  • Consideration of real estate as „real asset“
  • Benchmarks:
    • 10 to 20% of balance sheet sum of capital bound in real estate
    • 10% of portfolio moves per year
    • 8% total return p.a. of usage industrial
    • Up to 70% discount in case of sale of Group properties due to time pressure, lack of third party usability, brownfields, …

Project approach

  • Portfolio analysis and first assessment of monetary potential of investment and exit strategies regarding portfolio transition and clearance
  • Strategy development on the basis of processes and standards for ensuring compatibility of user and owner perspective
  • Stock: examination of owner structures with respect to a defined real estate strategy and development of market-oriented property strategy for selected properties as preparation for exit measures on property level
  • Transaction: assessment of legal platform for purchase and sale of real estate, e.g. foundation of a PropCo, wording for market-oriented purchase standards (building flexibility, location, third party usability) and establishment of a deal network


  • Professional portfolio management via optimisation of risk allocation of the portfolio
  • Increased financial flexibility via optimised framework conditions in case of liquidation
  • Higher real estate quality via defined property strategies
  • Decrease of portfolio transitions and reduction of total life cycle costs