Guiding principle:

We consult based on partnership

Like no other consulting company, TME Associates stands for a responsible and partnership based configuration of change. There is a reason for it: We founded TME to establish and live our partnership model. We draw our motivation and fulfillment from projects that we successfully complete together with our team and in cooperation with our clients.

Our vision:

Consulting. That´s us!

We like to redefine consulting and enhance its perception to a higher level. Consulting should be done by experts who are able to face complex challenges. Sparring partners, designers, innovators, solution providers, moderators, implementers and partners. Free from conflicts of interests or political directions. Winners, if the client succeeds and if necessary, suffering for him. We are consulting!

Our mission:

Shaping the future

TME Associates is shaping the future. We live in a time where the technical possibilities are far ahead of our way of thinking, acting and our values. We must constantly adapt and change in order not to be left behind, in all aspects of our lives. Especially in the area of real estate, understood as a place to live and work or as a capital investment that has to be managed and operated. Shaping the future means harmonizing technology, progress and people to achieve an increase in success and quality of life.

Our values:

The human being comes first

A consultancy does not produce or trade goods. Our business is based on the interaction between people. That is the reason why we concentrate on humanistic skills, which cannot be replaced by machines in the near future. We are collaborative, communicative, empathetic, self-critical, problem-solving and have the ability to lead.

We make and keep promises

Trust is crucial for the existence of a consultancy. Without the trust of our clients and colleagues we can only be successful to a limited extent. Building trust is a long journey, losing it is a fast process. Therefore it is our guiding principle to only make promises which we can keep without restrictions. Internally as well as externally!

We believe in diversity and equal rights

We consider diversity in a team to be an enrichment that inspires us and leads to new and innovative approaches. As an international team we stand for equal opportunities and bring together consultants with different backgrounds, biographies and abilities. The key to our success is the diversified perspective from different viewpoints and the interaction of creative minds to provide the best possible solutions.