Effective measures to increase sales

Together with our customers we develop custom-fit solutions with highest effectiveness. Hence we focus amongst others on the following measures:

  • Stronger operative orientation at product development and product range selection at market trends based on detailed, timely assessments and trend determinations of the own sales profile
  • Increase of frequency in new placements and shortage of product life cycles to increase store frequencies and to strengthen capitalisation on loyal customers
  • Strengthening of synchronisation of marketing and innovation performances
  • Strengthening of consistency between brand position and client preferences as well as all applied media from customer communication (brand & consumer centricity)
  • Development of optimal training content and measures for the promotion of knowledge, appearance and skillset of the store personnel
  • Increase of motivation via incentive systems
  • Acceleration of reactiveness in the supply chain regarding changes of sales profile and volume
  • Combined optimisation measures in pricing and placement for a margin-oriented acceleration of rotation

Focus on fine control
„Retail is detail“ – according to this principle we develop broad and likewise fine-tuned measures expressing appreciation towards customers and considering their preferences. This enables more sustainable and dynamic developments than frequent single measures which are linked to high costs.