Programme Management


  • Huge projects require complex project structures with interlinked sub-projects
  • Often the project involve several areas like creation of a new organisation, IT and further project modules with various work packages and many internal and external parties involved
  • Basis of implementation successes is a structured and effective steering of overall programme as required by principal

Project approach

  • Implementation of project structures/instruments/tools (e.g. progress analysis, meeting and reporting structures, templates, risk analysis and controlling tools)
  • Introduction and application of market-compatible project steering methodology
  • Assurance of compliance with pre-defined milestones and takeover of escalation instance
  • Preparation and application of control system for the overall programme including respective sub-projects, esp. the application of a critical path analysis (CPA) and delivery of project results (in time/scope/budget)
  • Management of controlling for assuring the compliance with the schedule and project budget
  • Sparring partner for sub-project leaders
  • Monitoring project progress and specialist as well as content quality of sub-projects
  • Quality management via examination of quality gates milestones and defined process points/topics
  • Preparation of regular, written status reports to the Steering Committee
  • Ensuring of networking regarding topics beyond sub-projects, e.g. training
  • Identifying and anticipation of problems/risks (e.g. time, progress, results risks, missing content/project steps) in the sub-projects


  • Achievement of defined project targets (time, quality, budget)