Our wide range of services includes one-time project consulting and support as well as long-term consulting mandates. The content of the mandates and the scope of our services depend on your individual needs.

Specific Advise

TME's experts will support you with specific questions and tailor-made projects.

After the successful completion of the defined mandate, the assignment of the TME expert ends.

Some examples of our project-related consulting services:

  • Strategy consulting, i.e. strategy definition and optimisation
  • Growth and expansion strategies (cross-border)
  • Business model analysis and development
  • Manager Selection | Local managers in local markets for local market access
  • Portfolio analyses | strategic and operational opportunities and risks
  • Performance Analyses | Historical Performance
  • Derivation of transaction, development and inventory activities
  • Edition/licensing (and placement) of products based on local market knowledge
  • Transaction Services support in the conception, structuring and implementation of

Long-term support

Permanent support from the systematic monitoring of your investment strategy and its implementation throughout the year to integrated interim management.

TME experts provide you with ongoing support in all your asset matters, thus enabling you to optimally implement the jointly defined investment strategy.

The recurrent and, where appropriate, long-term advisory services may include, for example, the following aspects:

  • Investor Representation: link between various target funds | managers | indirect investments and investors, e.g. by sitting on the investment committee, supervisory board and board of directors mandates
  • Implementation support of the defined strategy
  • Investment-Reporting and Consolidation
  • Investment Controlling: Monitoring with the aim of optimising the customer portfolio
  • Representation of investor interests in selection processes, due diligence processes, etc.
  • Merger and acquisition consulting and support
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Interim management in the areas of CEO | COO | CFO

International Competence

Extending your physical or virtual footprint is a key strategy for growth in today's global economy. However, a cross-border business approach is subject to complex multinational legal and tax rules and principles as well as regulatory frameworks and requirements.

We have the knowledge and understanding of these framework conditions and requirements, in particular cross-border issues and investment activities. Our long-standing experience in international markets and projects in cross-border activities of our partners ensures the necessary overview of the developing tax systems in the core markets of Europe, Asia and North America. Our team works to ensure that your strategy is in line with international legal, tax and regulatory requirements and the interests of your business.

We are also prepared to answer any tax, legal and regulatory questions you may have, if necessary involving other experts from our network, and thus support the successful and efficient implementation of your investment strategy.