Strategic analysis and advice on all aspects of investment and portfolio strategy

The right strategic decisions are the basis for a successful professional investor. TME Associates is your partner for all investment and portfolio strategy issues and accompanies you from the corporate strategy through the investment strategy to the individual portfolio strategy and selection of the asset managers as well as the corresponding efficient investment organisation.

An individual strategy regarding investment and portfolio strategy and allocation serves to achieve your investment objective. The prerequisite for this is a clear definition of the influencing factors to be considered within and outside your organisation.

From analysis to change management, achieving your strategic goals requires more than a think tank approach. Our collaborative and innovative methods lead to operating model and portfolio strategies for real estate that meet your goals, markets and competitive situation.

Our experts therefore work with you to develop an individual state-of-the-art strategy. We provide holistic support in the areas of corporate and expansion strategy, investment strategy and analysis as well as optimization, portfolio strategy and planning as well as corporate and product development.