Digitalisation – e.g. P2P


  • Electronic handling of invoices (P2P) for years on the agenda of many companies (esp. automotive)
  • Digitalisation of business processes also in parts of the Real Estate industry an obvious trend (CAFM, DMS, …)
  • Organisation of numerous companies not prepared for requirements of digitalisation:
    • De-centralised purchase/order system
    • De-centralised invoice entry
    • Manual internal transfer and processing of invoices
    • High range of various accounting units/suppliers
    • High number of invoices to be handled
  • In the next years P2P will become market standard
  • Requirement to adapt company organisations to P2P

Project approach

  • Status-quo-analysis in specific companies:
    • Volume and types of order
    • Order process
    • Invoice amount
    • Invoicing process
    • IT Systems applied (own IT Systems, client systems, interfaces)
  • Research:
    • P2P experience within the group/the branch of industry
    • P2P provider/system
  • Business case: development and assessment of alternatives and scenarios
  • Determination of company specific saving potentials


  • Professionalised order and invoice handling process as well as filing/archiving
  • Reduced handling times
  • Quality increase of invoice processing (e.g. e-invoicing: data exchange improved data quality)
  • Leaning of process as well as process acceleration via avoidance of manual tasks and improved interfaces
  • Achievement of FTE savings potentials