Re-Design of organisation architectures

The (often international) organisation has to be aligned with vision and mission of the enterprise. On the one hand it is vital to adapt to the increasing demands and framework conditions in management organisation and on the other hand to adjust the services to the regional circumstances and capacities as well as to resources and structures. Exactly this is where we start the re-design of organisation architectures.

The TME-Approach: Focus on essential success factors

  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and decision competencies of key functions (management board, fund/portfolio management, transaction, asset management)
  • Customising of Target Operating Model to clients and products
  • Clear decision and targeting structures guaranteeing the interests of the investor and “his” fund
  • Organisational structures for avoiding conflicts of interest between various products/funds respectively credible depiction of protection of interests

The TME-Procedure: Realisable concepts rather than pure Top-Down view

Organisation development requires competencies in operative business and the ability to convince employees on operative level from required changes as adequate consultant.