Increase growth, master complex tasks

Retailers can benefit from increasing and comprehensive growth and optimisation potentials.
Parallel to that the internal steering efforts of mono and multi-brand-retailers are highly complex:

  • With the differentiation of store formats further customer segments can be made accessible.
  • Via simultaneous application of various provider formats (own stores, franchise, joint venture) expansion potentials shall be fully exploited.
  • You increase the number of product ranges and collections and shorten their respective cycles.
  • Due to increasing internationalisation you will face more and more various customer preferences.
  • Due to increasing competition via price and dynamics either the selection of suppliers has to be made more flexible or the loyalty and integration of international suppliers has to be intensified.
  • Business processes and organisation have often expanded, however they are facing growing challenges regarding speed and differentiation.
  • Additional data sources enable extremely comprehensive and detailed market information. Advantages, however, do only arise from this when big data is reasonably processed and assessed (big data strategy).
  • Volatile markets and a quickly changing competition environment require strong flexibility.
  • A high employee fluctuation with concurrently increasing service and brand orientation of consumers require particularly capable qualification instruments.
  • As retail, wholesale and e-commerce have been operated as separate channels so far, omnichannel experiences have not been made extensively yet. In order to use the hidden potentials here processes and decision structures have to be redesigned.