Segment Strategy Institutional Investors


  • Importance of private investor segment is decreasing and leads for investment managers to a more intense competition for “institutional capital“
  • The requirements in the business with institutional investors have significantly increased:
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Increasing investment and cost pressure
    • Transparency/reporting requirements
    • Increasing influence (contractual agreements, financial incentive structures)
    and require consequently a further professionalisation of operations

Project approach

  • Recording of regulatory requirements (KAGB, Solvency II etc.) and specific investor requirements (transparency, diverging interests, reporting, market environment etc.)
  • Status quo organisation, processes, core competencies, reporting capabilities
  • Mirroring with best practice
  • Deduction of success factors, recommendations for action and target organisation
  • Preparation of detailed implementation plans mainly regarding instruments accompanying processes
  • Steering of implementation incl. change management


  • Clear decision structures
  • Organisational structures for the avoidance of conflicts of interest
  • Process excellence (interfaces, transparency etc.)
  • Competence and appearance (methods, tools, personnel etc.)
  • Ensuring/creation of competitive edge for a sustainable success in the institutional business