Stage Gate Processes


  • Dynamic development of core business missing timely co-ordination with corporate real estate management
  • Result: Uncertainty of corporate real estate management resources and unnecessary time pressure for prestudies for identification of long-term first-best options (increased investments and project costs)
  • High volatility in work load of project managers with a high degree of permanent outsourcing of project steering tasks

Project approach

  • Definition of triggering events on various levels of the core business: headquarters (corporate development, M&A, JVs, …), region (relocation, change, target markets, …) and on site (user satisfaction, process organisation, …)
  • Development of process standards for identification of triggering events on the respective levels (meetings, reports, standards) and definition of quality-gates for corporate real estate management (approval, veto, information)
  • Establishment of blue print for each stage
  • Development of tools: triggering event monitor, process standards


  • Close linking of strategy and development of core business and corporate real estate management
  • Guideline und sensitisation of core business for real estate economic contexts without resource involvement of corporate real estate management
  • Improved capacity planning for corporate real estate management and optimised sourcing at projects
  • Higher quality of service delivery towards core business due to longer assessment periods
  • Implementation of active and supporting corporate real estate management philosophy opposed to a mere reactive servicer function