Structure Model Asset Management


  • Value-oriented asset management is a critical puzzle piece for the achievement of the value creation potentials
  • Often a sufficiently proactive inventory management with consistent performance orientation has not been implemented, instead asset manager takes on a „sandwich position“ between property manager and fund manager

Project approach

  • Analysis of existing role and task scopes as well as instruments accompanying the processes
  • Observation of interfaces and the specific principal-agent relation to the relevant parties involved in the process
  • Screening of steering model towards service providers
  • Contribution Outside In Best Practice experience and identification of individual gaps
  • Creation of a target image and the corresponding spheres of action
  • Definition required instrument accompanying the process


  • New role image complying with the Best Practice requirements in the investment process
  • Detailed Target Task profile and if applicable corresponding process model
  • Spheres of activities/measurement plans for supporting instruments and tools (key words standards and digitalisation)