Transparency & Data Management


  • The international portfolio consists of several hundred properties
  • Lack of transparency, partly the number of locations is unknown
  • Target is the answer to strategic questions, the implementation of corporate real estate management or securing a sustainable transparency

Project approach

  • Tapping” of existing data from other corporate functions (e.g. IT, human resources, HSE, tax, finance)
  • Preparation of a phone directory (user, address, contact, kind of ownership, number of employees at the location)
  • Execution of web-based requests e.g. via intranet regarding master data (e.g. space, usage, rent payments, contract duration, vacancies, book values)
  • Support in master data recording via selective site inspections for extrapolations on the overall portfolio, resp. stage of property, costs …
  • Preparations of segment or regional specific dashboards
  • Leading of strategy meetings on management level
  • Establishment of reporting and administration processes for regular updates
  • Preparation of standardised reporting (dashboards) in corporate real estate management


  • First portfolio transparency
  • Sustainable, lean data management solution incl. processes and tools
  • Deduction of management activities on the basis of strategy meetings, site inspections and data evaluation e.g. location concepts, resource planning, real estate strategy
  • Disclosure of currently not used cost and value potentials