Vehicle Analysis


  • Challenges for professional investors have clearly increased:
    • Target yields are not achieved
    • Difficult portfolio clearance due to shareholder structures (indirect investments, pool funds)
    • Regarding structures and processes of fund, asset and property management
    • Potential divergence of interests (contractual agreements, incentive structures)
  • Indirect investments are to be re-positioned
  • Existing contract structures with defined maturities prevent an immediate adjustment
  • Vehicle analysis: levers for alignment and establishment of negotiation power towards investment managers

Project approach

  • Bundling of investor interests (e.g. in case of club-deals) for creation of a concerted investment strategy and the improvement of the strategic position
  • Flexible design of contract relations (intensive analysis of contract design and fulfilment for the benefit from uncertainties/degrees of freedom in the contracts
  • Evaluation of reporting key figures for improvement of transparency and steering efficiency
  • Remuneration-related steering (incentives)
  • Preparation of a concrete implementation/migration plan


  • Dissolution of target conflicts, improvement of negotiation power and exploiting of spheres of action
  • Structured, condensed and timely controlling
  • (New) Incentives for investment managers
  • Creation of a blueprint target model of vehicle selection and contract design for enforcement of investor interests (subscription)