Your Career

Human experience and the professional development of our employees are our top priorities. That's why we embed the high flexibility we need as consultants in an inspiring working environment directly at the Englischer Garten in Munich. We ensure employee development with our programs MyDevelopment and MyPerformance.


With MyDevelopment, we continuously develop the most important consultant skills and define a career path through additional professional experience, in which we consciously avoid an "up or out" approach. For the jump to a higher career level, we focus and evaluate the acquired professional experience, individual performance and the achievement of set goals, so that the MyDevelopment path is aligned to you and your needs.

Defined career path

My Performance:

With MyPerformance, we offer a compensation program that ensures objective, industry- and performance-related compensation.

The components:

Fixed salary:
The fixed salary is a salary constituent composed of the career level achieved and the skill level achieved.

The bonus is a variable salary component that can be added to the fixed salary when, for example, additional performance previously agreed is delivered, sales targets are reached or academic studies or whitepapers are created.

Performance-based salary range